letter from R Moshe Soloveitchik (please foward)

Posted: November 5, 2012 in Uncategorized
Dear Rav Noson,

I am writing to you in accordance with your request that I clarify in writing the position of my father zatz”l regarding the legalization of homosexual marriages and euthanasia. Please be informed that my father zatz”l battled with mesiras nefesh against all attempts to legitimize homosexuality.

It goes with out saying my father zatzal was against the legalization of euthanasia which he considered to be real retzicha (real bloodshed).

I find it unfortunate that the Leadership of our community has changed it’s attitudes and priorities and is not leading in fighting against attempts to legitimize marriages that only a few years ago was considered an abomination not only by the Torah but by the general community. It is even more shocking that our community is not taking a leading a role in opposing attempts that would allow shfichas damim to become legal and excepted as the humane approach.

sincerely yours,

Moshe Soloveitchik

Chicago, Illinois


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