Posted: September 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

Speaker/Moderator:   Mr. Weprin…

Mr. Weprin:    Sir, on the bill?

Speaker/Moderator:  On the bill.

Mr. Weprin:   I, too, was not sure I was gonna speak on this issue as well.  But the issue of religion has come up a few times by many sides and I am an observant Jew…I was married by an Orthodox Rabbi in an Orthodox Jewish ceremony. I have two children that are married, both of whom, a boy and a girl, were married in an Orthodox Jewish ceremony by an Orthodox Rabbi. My religion is very important to me, personally. 

But this is not a religious issue! 

I said to my Rabbi many times, “Would you perform a marriage between a Jew and a non-Jew?” And he said, “Absolutely not!” He would not because that would violate his religious beliefs. But I don’t think anyone here would expect us as a legislative body representing the State of New York, to mandate or to tell this particular Rabbi that he has to perform a ceremony that violates his religious beliefs. 

We should not be legislating as well, whether someone of different faiths should be marrying each other. I think everyone here would agree that we should not outlaw marriages between Jews and non-Jews, and Christians and Jews, and interracial marriages. 

So I feel very strongly that this is a civil rights issue and we’re talking about civil marriage here…

The time has come and I recommend everyone to vote for this bill and I will proudly vote for this bill.                 


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