“Spirituality” – Without Morality

Posted: August 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Western Appeal that isn’t Going Away So Soon: “Spirituality” – Without Morality

Many Jews not introduced to authentic Torah Spirituality may find other forms of non-commital “spirituality” very appealing.

After all, most non-observant Jews hunger for spirituality that they’ve been starved of, often for generations. Consequently, many seek solace in Eastern religions, new-age spirituality, and a host of offshoots or outgrowths thereof.

However, buyer beware. Know what you are getting involved with. As the the Torah tells us, with regard to Jews who left the service of the Almighty Creator and Master of the Universe, straying into vapid idoltary:
“Know Whom you are exchanging for whom.”

These types of “easygoing” Spiritualities appeal with the promise of the benefits of spirituality, but leave people, especially the youth, bereft of any genuine, meaningful morality.

In Judaism, Man is to serve and obey G-d. Thereby, Man benefits from His indescribable, unfathomable Kindness and infinite largesse

In contrast, in “New-Age” type spirituality, Man serves Man – often himself (although sometimes a guru). The notion of god is often reduced to a universal animating force (a.k.a. chi, ki, prana, universal-energy, etc.) which Man can purportedly channel and manipulate to serve his own passions. I.e., god actually serves Man, conveniently.

The rejection of a Divine Moral Arbiter leads to a major morality-deficit. Once He is not followed, people follow their own personal views, desires, passsions, and base inclinations and impulses.

Our history is marred with the consequences of societal replacment an objective moral code for a relativistic, fluid ethical model, subject to all of the depravity that the human heart has to offer.

Rabbi Noson Leiter
Torah Jews for Decency, Executive Director
(Garden State Parents for Moral Values, Spokesman)
C/Text: 845-642-1679


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