PressRelease David Weprin Nomination for Congress

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*** Press Release ***

For Immediate Release: July 11, 11 / 9 Tammuz 5771

Contact: Rabbi Noson Leiter, 845-642-1679 Torah Jews for Decency, Executive Director

In wake of the Democratic nomination of NY Assemblyman David Weprin to run for the Congressional seat held by Anthony Weiner (district 9), and following the lead of a local Queens Orthodox organization, Rabbi Noson Leiter, representing Torah Jews for Decency, a morality and Religious Liberty advocacy organization, released the following statement:

“The nomination of David Weprin as a candidate for Congress is an affront to the Almighty, as well as a threat to the individual liberties, religious and otherwise, of American citizens.

“Mr. Weprin proudly voted to redefine Marriage to include same-gender doubles. In his June 15th assembly-floor speech, he shamelessly spoke out on behalf of the de-definition of Marriage — after, oxymoronically, flaunting his Orthodox affinities. Commenting that the “time has come,” he voted for a bill that mandates that NY State actually impose that counter-Biblical definition of Marriage on Bible adherents, be they Jewish, Noahide, Christian, Muslim, or otherwise.

“Mr. Weprin acted in flagrant violation of Torah Law, and against the urging of Orthodox Jewish Rabbis, organizations, and voters.

“Thereby, Mr. Weprin (1) desecrated the Divine Name, (2) legislated in direct contravention of the Biblical categorization of the homosexual act as a capital offense and an abomination (Lev. 20:13), (3) voted for a policy that, our Sages teach us, triggered the Great Deluge (Beraishis Rabba 26:5 on Gen. 6:2), and (4) aided in undermining religious freedoms, as well as parental, educational and civil rights of Bible-believers in New York.

* “Whether he realizes it or not, and genuflections to Orthodox Judaism notwithstanding, Mr. Weprin helped advance what is tantamount to a “gezeira-al-ha’Das,” an anti-Torah edict.

* “Moreover, Mr. Weprin rationalized this infringement on Religious Liberty, by qualifying Marriage legislation as a civil, not a religious issue. That argument is vapid for several reasons, such as:

a) “Firstly, releasing matrimony from its (Constitutionally-Kosher) Biblical moorings fails to substantiate a mutation of non-marriage into Marriage. Unbridled lust doesn’t define matrimony any more than greed defines mathematics. The desire – personal or political – to label same-gender unions ‘marriages’ doesn’t create a new reality.

b) “Secondly, Mr. Weprin’s argument could, and may ultimately be employed to demand recognition (and tax-breaks) for incestuous, adulterous, and even bestiality-unions.

c) “Thirdly, even if, theoretically, we were to grant Mr. Weprin the right to legislate matrimonial definitions, along with a host of others, into oblivion – how does that justify imposing the legislative by-product on other citizens? How does the State subject Bible-believing business-owners, for example, to lawsuits, loss of licensing, or worse, for their religious-based refusal to recognize or service the new ‘marriages?’ And, above all, why do our school-children have to be subjected to the newly-shifted Marriage-Paradigm dogma?

* “In addition to Marriage de-definition, Mr. Weprin voted for several other bills that undermine the Biblical, moral values foundational to the Republic, e.g. GENDA, homosexual adoption, and the LGBT-propagandizing of youth (Dignity for All Students Act).

* “We ask the Democratic Party: Do you imagine that Orthodox Jews are so blind and petty as to vote for a politician whose positions are so overtly anti-Torah and un-American, merely because he parades himself as Orthodox?

“Mr. Weprin’s talents can certainly be put to use in an arena in which his counter-Biblical, counter-Constitutional positions won’t threaten our children, our schools, and the very fabric of our society.” ### END ###


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