Introduction: Are The Attacks on Moral Values Attacks on The Divine Source of Morality?

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Independence Day, July 4, ’11 / 2 Tammuz 5771

As observant Jews, we look to the Torah, the Word of our Creator, for guidance. The Torah includes both the Written Law (the 24 books of the Jewish Bible), and the Oral Law (including the two Talmuds and the Midrashic works).

Both the Written Torah and the Oral Torah were given by the Almighty to the Jewish People at the Revelation at Mount Sinai, approximately 3300 years ago. Both were transmitted faithfully, with the greatest care, by the most righteous Sages of each generation.

* The Sages of the Talmud provide crucial insights into jarring events unfolding before our eyes.

They relate, in the Midrash Shochar-Tov (on Psalms 2:2), that, at the end of days, there will be those who seek to wage war against the Creator Himself.

They will attempt to destroy the Jewish People by warring against our Heavenly Patron, the Almighty Himself.

Now, how could Man possibly war against The Almighty? One of the commentaries (Rabbi Aharon M. Padwa, note 13, citing his grandfather’s “Twelve Discourses”), elucidates:

They will fight Him by drawing His People AWAY FROM Him. They will attempt to cause Jews to abandon His service. Thereby, they hope to prompt the Almighty to remove His special protection from the Jewish People, and abandon us to our enemies.

We see this type of agenda clearly manifest in numerous ways, particularly in regard to legislation in the US, and, most recently, in New York State, the highest concentration of Jews in the hemisphere. Here, we address one pivotal case-in-point: same-gender “marriage.” ***
Friday, June 24 ’11 is a day that shall live in infamy.
On that night, New York State officially required its citizenry to recognize same-gender doubles as married couples, as of 30 days later, July 24th.

The Republican-led Senate decided to betray its pro-family base, and allowed a full-Senate floor-vote on the redefinition of Marriage, knowing full well that the Senate had the votes to pass that LGBT-backed bill. The Senate did pass it, and the Governor hastily signed the Death-of-Marriage act that night.

Thereby, Gov. Cuomo culminated a well-funded war against the Creator, composed of brazen vote-buying, Big-Money arm-twisting, suspicious backroom deals, legally questionable closed meetings, and media-deception, all aimed at undermining the foundational principle of Marriage, and even the very concept of objective moral standards.

This legislation redefines marriage, family, and even gender itself, in a counter-Biblical manner, AND requires society to recognize those definitions, on the pain of state penalty.

For example, a Bible-adherent Judge could lose his job for refusing to officiate at a same-gender ‘marriage’ for religious reasons. A caterer who services weddings only could be sued for similarly refusing to service a same-gender wedding. ***
To provide a number of swing senators the pretext they needed to rationalize their pivotal capitulation, all sorts of religious-exemption lingo was added to the bill. These much-touted exemptions were thinly disguised fig-leafs for a fatally-flawed bill.

Even more telling, core bill-supporters had initially sported a high comfort-threshhold, defending the overtly Bible-bashing version, which had no religious protections – except those covering a small fraction of 1% of all prospective infringements (clergy performing weddings).

These rights-fanatics flippantly dismissed religious-liberties concerns with homogenized, pre-rehearsed platitudes about how our clergy will not be forced to perform such ceremonies (as if that was the primary concern).

Do these strident homosexualist advocates trample the religious liberties of Bible adherents due to a heartfelt concern over homosexuals being rights-deprived, being unable to flaut their unions as equals to Biblical matrimony? Or do they merely seek to cloak a deep-seated Bible-bashing agenda in safely-PC “rights” nomenclature?

Consider the following, amoung many examples:

* Former NY Gov. David Patterson, in a Nov. ’09 interview with the Jewish Press, opined that the problem was not the redefinition of Marriage, but rather Biblically-based intolerance of abominatory conduct. I.e., the Bible is too divisive (sic) for today’s Equality fanatics.

* NJ State Senator Raymond Lesniak, a lead sponsor of the now-defeated anti-gender Marriage bill, on Jan 7′, ’10, publicly bellowed at this writer from atop the stairs, in response to our lobbying for Marriage: “You have no right to do this!!” A bystander, a profamily pastor, remarked on the raw antipathy revealed by his uluative. ***
Just like the Jews faithful to Torah prevailed over the Greeks and associated Jewish Hellenists thousands of years ago, with His assistance, His Will will ultimately prevail over today’s LGBT intolerants, spiritual descendants of the Greek persecutors of old. We simply need to fight as hard as we can.


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